There is a broad range of catering options for businesses. First of all the location.

You can have catered meals delivered to your place of business or venue; or, we will assist in finding a private dining room. From small office social events to training days, workshops, and large regional events we're glad you found this Vernon Catering website.

Planning your next Christmas party? never too early to mark the date.

Make a list of the staff and clients you would like to invite. Contact our Vernon Catering division to see venues and menus we have available in Vernon BC.
We want to pass on tips to keep your catering cost-effective. First, know your guest count (an important part of the budgeting). Divide this number of people by the total catering budget to know what you’d like to spend on food. Then choose the way you want the food delivered. Full service is available, our servers present the meals beautifully. Less expensive alternatives are buffets service, drop-off food, or pick-up. Let us know what suits your business and budget.


From simple sandwiches to full-spreads, we’ll help you find the best value.